Job Recommendations For IT Fresh Graduates

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Majority who graduate college every year are IT majors. Some would take a break at this point, while others start looking for their first IT job. If you are one of them and have been having trouble figuring out what to do next, you have come to the right place. In this article, learn more about some of the jobs IT graduates who don’t have any work experience can get.

App Developer

If you want to be an app developer, you need to have the knowledge and experience in various fields – designing, updating, and deploying apps. They are the ones in charge of making the app’s prototype. They also lay out the framework for each program and ensure the app plans are coordinated.

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Data Analyst

Data analysts are the experts who collect and analyze statistical data for assisting their clients in creating more informed decisions. Also, data analysts know how to create databases and execute strategies for the company to have an enhanced data processing.

IT Support Tech

This job is a great way for you to get ahead in your career. These experts help people and businesses with their computers. They do not only fix what’s not working, but they also give advice to make their computers and gadgets last longer. Most of the time, they handle everything associated with computer software and hardware.

Web Developer

Web development is one of the most common jobs that IT graduates venture into. Their primary responsibilities are to help people, companies, and organizations build and maintain websites. That is why to land a job as a web developer, you need both graphic design and technical computer skills. You also have to be experienced in design, coding, and layout of the website.

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Web Designer

Web designer jobs are also popular these days. They are in charge of how websites and related apps appear, how seamless they work, and ensure they function as expected. Web designers design and implement unique designs for the websites in accordance to what their clients want to achieve. We designers usually work closely with the web development team to make sure the project is a success.

One of the many reasons why IT courses are very popular even up to this day is because there are plenty of job opportunities waiting to be filled. Still, fresh graduates are not sure which path to take to further their career as they do not have enough experience. And if you have just graduated or you are looking to switch to a different career path, then consider the job recommendations mentioned.


The Booming Concept Of Business Loans

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Finance is the core requirement for any business to carry through with their daily operations, organizational objectives and what not.

Imagine running a business and being unable to have access to this basic requisite. Thanks to the idea of ‘Business loans’ that bust the problem of credit scarcity and facilitates easy procurement of funds in a short time.

Amongst the various advancements in the developing techno finance sector, loans have emerged as one of the most popular and chosen medium of acquiring credit by businesses worldwide. Every type of firm ranging from SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to Big MNCs (multinational corporations) opt for business loans to achieve their different motives.

On a broad scale, there are many distinct ways to resolve the financial demands of a business. A Business loan is one such provision that comes under the ‘debt financing’ category.

 To have a clear understanding of how loans and debt financing as a whole work, we need to understand the idea of borrowing funds and their conditions of repayment. In case of business loans, you can reach out to the banks or other financial institutions and apply for a loan requirement. A specific rate of interest will be charged from you and the loan will be granted after the banks or the respective institutions find it satisfactory to approve.

So, what are the factors that make your loan request approvable?

The prime factor that decides your approvability is certainly the profitability of the enterprise or the annual income (ITR) that it makes .For instance, an annual income of over 2 lakh for consecutive 2 years is considered mandatory for successful approval of the loan.


Credit score is yet another major parameter that determines your creditworthiness.If you are a credit card holder, then a 700+ CIBIL score can land you into an abundance of business loans to choose from. Same applies with the other factors like the amount of revenue that the firm generates annually or even the duration by which the business claims to repay the given loan amount.

Apart from the big firms which can avail the loans comparatively easier on the basis of their progressing profits and growth; there are some popular government schemes as well that can help the smaller enterprises utilize the facility of business loans. These include The MSME business loan, NSIC, CLCSS scheme and MUDRA loan facility amongst the many others.