Discovering the Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana: A Mystery Solved!

An abundance of variety may be found in the plant kingdom. The hemp vs marijuana is two of these plants that people commonly mistake for one another. Did you realize, however, that they’re very distinct from one another? Let’s find out what makes hemp and marijuana different by exploring this topic.

  • An Introduction to Hemp: This multipurpose plant has a long history of usage. Its robust fibres have several potential uses, including those in the textile, rope, and paper industries. There is a chemical in hemp called CBD that has a lot of potential medicinal uses.
  • The concentration of THC is a defining feature of hemp that distinguishes it from marijuana. To put it simply, THC is the “high”-inducing chemical in marijuana. Usually less than 0.3% THC is present in hemp. This implies that no amount of it will have any intoxicating effects.
  • Textiles, food, and medicine are just a few of the many applications for hemp. Clothes, bags, and even construction components are fashioned from its fibres. Raw, boiled, or pressed into oil, hemp seeds are a healthy snack option. CBD, an ingredient in hemp-based health products, is found in a range of tropical oils and creams.
  • On the flip side, marijuana’s intoxicating effects are what make it so well-known. It has a greater concentration of THC, usually between five percent and thirty percent or even more. That is the reason why marijuana is said to induce a “high” or changed state of mind.
  • The main thing that differentiates marijuana from hemp is its high THC level. Marijuana is grown for its intoxicating properties, yet both plants are members of the cannabis family. Because of this, it is well-liked for both recreational and therapeutic purposes.
  • Many nations, the US included, have decriminalized the cultivation and consumption of hemp because of its low THC concentration. But because of its intoxicating effects, marijuana is still either outlawed or heavily controlled in the majority of countries. Various jurisdictions have passed legislation decriminalizing marijuana usage for recreational or medicinal purposes in the last few years.

Anatomy a the hemp stalk | Amsterdam Cannabis College

Finally, while they share the cannabis family, hemp vs marijuana is quite different from one another in terms of the amount of THC they contain and the purposes they serve. The recreational, therapeutic, and legal uses of these plants all need an understanding of these distinctions. Now you’ll be more prepared the next time someone asks you to compare hemp with marijuana.

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